Entry Fee
Ultramarathon 100km

1. HK$1,380/person

2. HK$2,760/team


Early Bird Discount before 1st June 2019:

1. HK$1,080/person

2. HK$2,160/team

Mountain Marathon 43km

1. HK$880/person

2. HK$1,760/team


Early Bird Discount before 1st June 2019:

1. HK$680/person

2. HK$1,360/team


Payment Method

Click to the online entry button below and complete the online registration form.
You can pay the entry fee by VISA or MASTER credit card. There will not be any service charge for online registration.

Transfers, Cancellations and Refunds


  1. You are able to transfer your entry to anyone else with a  service charge of HK$100 up to 30 September 2019.  After that, places are not transferable.
  2. If you cannot find anyone to replace you and would prefer a refund of your entry fee we are able to provide a 50% refund if you advise us by email anytime before 30 September 2019.
  3. You can also change your caetgory with a  service charge of HK$100 up to 30 September 2019.  The difference in entry fee between the categories will not be refunded. After that, no change in category will be allowed.
  4. No refund will be provided for request of cancellations after 30 September 2019.